Worlds of Video Games

Bronze winner- ADCC Student Category 2019

The Challenge:

Appeal to a younger demographic

The Solution:

Create National Geographic volumes (both physical and digital) that explore the worlds younger demographics immerse themselves in: 

the worlds of video games.

How would it look?

Something like this; articles featuring small details from the game worlds that gamers may have missed as well as some broader topics. These articles should bring life to the small details the game developers put so much work into. Readers will also find codes inside for exclusive in-game content

magazine mockup.png
game case cover.png
In-store promotion:
Transparent sleeves to cover game cases sold at EB Games featuring a prominent National Geographic yellow square.  These sleeves will appear on games National Geographic creates content for with this campaign as well as games they plan on featuring in the future.
in case flyer.jpg
In-store promotion cont'd:
To drive subscriptions, inside of game cases, players will find an insert with a promotion for a National Geographic subscription.